About us


Who We Are

We are an Integrated Marketing Communications firm established to provide optimum solutions


To become the preferred Integrated Marketing Communication Solutions Company in Africa


To cultivate a productive relationship with our Clients by fulfilling our obligation to provide solutions that build brand equity    and market leadership

Our Values


What’s In A Name?

Our name tells our story and approach to our clients’ business…

  • Very reactive metal
  • Prompt and proactive services
  • Does not occur freely in nature
  • Innovate business and marketing solutions
  • Exists in numerous metals and the element is essential for all animal life and some plant life
  • Tailor made services for each client which are very instrumental to our clients remaining leading brands in the market place

Our Culture

Our name tells our story and approach to our clients’ business…We work in an environment that is inspiring; where our values are sustained by a unique culture that embraces diversity and integration

Our Commitment

Our Client: Identity. Image. Reputation


We support our clients in building and expressing  their identity, image & reputation, and relationship strategies across the board

Covering 100% of the touch-points between corporates, institutions, brands and their audiences

From planning to implementation through evaluation, a fully holistic management

Our Pillars

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