Our services

An assortment of bespoke integrated Marketing communications strategies targeted at optimizing Business and Marketing Objectives for our esteemed Clients and Brand portfolios.

Brand Strategy Development

  • We work with marketeers to take advantage of opportunities to create and or sustain brands into the long term.
  • This involves mapping out the opportunities in the market by developing or re-engineering the core of the brand which encompasses its mission, promise and identity.
  • This is then communicated to achieve brand awareness and brand preference resulting in strong brand equity and salience with positive return-on-investment to stakeholders.

Digital Marketing

  • We help brands optimize consumer connections using digital technologies and platforms.
  • This process involves the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Affiliate Marketing and bespoke technology solutions.

Experiential Marketing

  • We work towards providing the perfect chemistry between brands and consumers by creating marketing solutions that accelerate brand equity and market leadership.
  • Sodium creates brand experiences that help brands resonate with target consumers thereby generating brand awareness, brand love, brand adoption and purchase.
  • We create end-to-end multi-sensory and memorable brand experiences that take consumers across both live and digital platforms in order to influence them towards taking the required action from the brand’s perspective.
  • These experiences include one-on-one live engagements, product demonstrations, events, product sampling, road-shows, loyalty programmes and promos.

Media Planning & Buying

  • Research based, technology enabled strategic media plans to maximize media impacts per spend
    • Use of Geopoll media measurement tool
    • Media planning services research tool (AMPS & Mediastar)
    • Deliver pre–campaign media forecasts & post campaign media evaluation
  • Best value buys to the full benefit of our clients based on vigorous negotiations
    • All media campaigns are monitored by auditor / watch dog services  appointed by client
    • All documents presented to client – media owners’ invoices with auditor’s report
  • Increased media impact and brand affinity through the used of sponsorships and branded assets; consumers interact with content and not the medium
  • Highly efficient media operation to promote transparency & accountability

Trade & Channel Marketing

Last mile brand engagement to drive presence, visibility and preference across multi-channels at the Point of Purchase to drive product interest and purchase. We have initiated and executed strategic, impactful and at times subtle consumer/brand interactions and promotions at the point of purchase to trigger consumer choice of purchase and increase demand across supply chain partners. Sodium Brand Solution has executed several on-trade activations, in-store engagements, sales promotions, POSM production and deployment.

PR and Talent Management

We carry out a full range of publicity and stakeholder management services to provide unique platforms for brands to acquire formidable community presence, visibility and exceptional market leadership through strong narrative-driven engagement. We interact with various stakeholders on relevant issues where information can be exchanged via traditional and online public relations tools in order to shape perception and control various narratives in the interest of our brands. Our work covers several media stakeholders and communities from media influencers to editors, notable bloggers, non-profits, activists and all relevant publics within our extensive media network and community connections to gain the most significant coverage for our clients’ brands.

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