Annual Festival Activation ( Sunlight DWL, Royco Leverage)


  • Unilever Nigeria in its usual way of supporting, traditional heritage and historical values keyed into some annual festivals in Nigeria to tactically engage and drive Top-Of-Mind awareness among attendees
  • The Annual Ojude Oba festival of the people of Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State was a very great platform to support values and norms of the people Sunlight Dish wash Liquid & Royco seasoning were the core brands that keyed into the annual Festivals


Creatively deploy the Sunlight Dishwash Liquid and Royco Seasoning Cubes to Experientially engage attendees of the Ojode Oba


  • Hygienically prepared indigenous food (Ikokore ) was served kitchen/Dinning style to guests within the Towns pavilion square while promoting the Royco seasoning cubes as the ideal seasoning for every home.
  • A sunlight dish washing Liquid booth was utilized to experientially demonstrate the efficacy of the brand in removing oil from dishes.
  • Branded gift items were given out to attendees who purchased products (Sunlight Dish Wash Liquid and Royco Seasoning cubes)


  • Increased Brand Love and association
  • Maximum Brand Visibility at the Annual Festivals