Sunlight Master Brand Ankara Monday Internal Activation


  • Sunlight Master Brand intended to launch the new multipurpose bar soaps internally (Agbara & Oregun offices) with the theme Ankara Monday. The Brand is positioned to project its fabric friendly feature hence its association with the indigenous Ankara fabric which has become popular in the fashion and lifestyle industry.


  • Put together and execute an exciting and engaging Internal activity to launch the Sunlight Multi purpose Bar soap at the Oregun and Agbara offices.


  • In order to create a resonating and engaging set of activities within the space , the concept ‘’Catch The Afro-9ja Vibe’’ was brought to life which was to project a rich Blend of Afro-Nigerian culture and lifestyle within the office work space. The office & Wings were tastefully decorated using Nigerian/ African inspired Props such as calabash, local drums, baskets , a blend of Ankara, damask, Aso-Oke fabrics
  • Ushers/models (5 gals and 3 Guys) in gorgeous Sunlight Ankara costumes created disruptive moments within the office wings as they took breath-taking walks across the offices
  • At every wing was Nigerian goodies corner ;a table platter for African/Nigeria specials such as Sugar & Caramel Sweet (Baba Dudu), Tiger Nut,Danbino (Dates),Donqwa, Kuli Kuli ,Kokoro,Popcorn & Groundnut etc


  • Highly engaging activity for staff