Awareness & usage of the Verve Paycode App


  • Verve Paycode is an app that enables cardless monetary transactions, such as withdrawal and third-party payment.
  • Paycode was first introduced as a B2B service, with the banks being the primary target.
  • Then there was a challenge with awareness and usage amongst the end users, which didn’t yield result so the banks efforts could not be promoted further.
  • It was then introduced as a B2C service targeted at the middle & lower socio-economic class.


There was a major need to communicate the usage mechanics to consumers, especially to the lower economic class. 


  • Increase awareness by 30% reaching at least 80% of the target audience and increase usage by 20% with minimal budget provided.


  • Agency deployed its resources and convergence tool with the client to create an all-agency joint council (media, creative, digital, PR and activation) to brainstorm and drive delivery.
  • Programme Sponsorship on Radio properties with high audience for 13 week. This sponsorship provided hypes, spots placements and guest appearances which was highly utilised for the brand.
  • Use of Trivia and Incentives on radio sponsorship platforms. Listeners were educated about the service and question where asked, which provided a platform for product education and engagement about the service offering. The winners redeemed their prizes, cash of N5,000, using Paycode. This helped to boost awareness and trial. The reward element introduced to the sponsorship tripled listenership and participation.
  • Press insertions for a month on pan Nigeria national dailies. This provided product education via step by step guide on how to generate a Paycode and get funds out of the ATM hassle free.


  • Campaign delivered over 10% of the planned GRP due to strategic use of the sponsorship platforms and spots placements.
  • Value add of over 20% higher than the campaign budget was achieved.
  • Usage of the APP doubled during the campaign
  • Steady and consistent use of the APP continued after the campaign
  • The campaign encouraged client to invest in sponsorship and guest appearance more.