Kwara State – Identity Creation


With dwindling revenues , it became imperative to develop other income sources but little information about the potentials of the state didn’t make the state a choice for critical local and foreign investments


Create a brand identity for the state to attract the much needed investments.


  • This birthed the campaign idea “SHARED PROSPERITY”
  • The theme aligned with the lifestyle and aspirations of the populace and so they found the communication relevant to them; it was also compelling to external stakeholders who were being invited to invest in the state. This involved PR, Activations, Media and Events.


Greater awareness of the strategic investment thrust of the government and birthing of KP3 (Kwara State Public-Private Partnership) to sustain the policy direction of the government.   

Kwara State Rebranding

Teaser Creatives

Launch event & Stakeholders engagement

Group 40

Launch event & Stakeholders engagement